Christmas morning

On Christmas morning, I woke up around 7 and came out to the living room.  Mark and LuAnn were sipping their coffees, the fireplace candles were lit, and it was all peaceful.  No kids up yet!  So we sat in cozy contentment together, gazing at the now-stuffed stockings, and waited for the young ones to awake.  Andrew came out with salutations of “Feliz Navidad, Granny, Feliz Navidad, Grandad, Feliz Navidad, Mommy!”  Then he snuggled up in my lap and we hung out together for a while.  I mentioned something about Sylvia waking up at some point, and Andrew disappeared.  A sleepy, Sylvie groan came from the bedroom, followed by a more lively waking-up sound.  In a moment, two kids were gazing up at the stockings.


After we gave the OK for them to go wake up Melanie and Dad, the unwrapping of presents began.  Usually we go around taking turns unwrapping.  This year, the pace was a bit more, uh, frenetic:)


Sylvia got a Vidia and Rosetta fairy!


Ooo, new dresses from Aunt Mellie!


Here’s a video of some of our present-opening:)

Christmas morning

Andrew has been requesting a toy called BeyBlade.  I’d never heard of it before…but his friends at school love them.  After doing a bit of searching, I found out that they are battling tops.  Actually, they’re really fun!  I got Andrew a couple, and we all had fun battling them in their special arena.



Each top is a little different (these two are called Galaxy Pegasus and the Meteo L-Drago).  I think the object of the game is that the last top spinning is the winner.


Fun to spend Christmas Day together, playing with toys and eating lots (and lots) of fudge:)