Visiting Wichita

We took a driving trip to Wichita for Grandpa Harvey’s funeral.  It was one of the first long drives (12 hours) with our two kiddos.  They did great!

On the way down, we left around supper time and drove until late.  Then the next day we only had about 7 hours.  The way home we did in one long stretch, and remarkably, the kids were wonderful.


Of course, they didn’t often look up from the iPad/iPhones.  My bags of books and coloring books and toys went mostly unused, but so long as everyone’s happy, it’s alright with me!  I read a whole novel:)


We had a nice time staying at Grandma Jo’s house.  Grandma Jo (Mark’s mom) has moved to an assisted living home, and it was nice to bring her back to her old digs to hang out for an evening.  Sylvia liked the tutus and other props she found in Grandma’s closet.  She and Grandma share a flair for the dramatic.


Sylvie shows Grandma Jo her favorite app – Wash my Cat.


There’s the lovely lady:)


Enjoying some time together:)


Now Aunt Melanie gets a tutorial.


Seems like there’s always lots of laughter when we’re together.




While the reasons for our visit were sad, we really did have a wonderful time visiting with family.  We got to spend time with Bryan’s cousins and aunts and uncles, and I have lots of fond memories from our time together.


Andrew and Sylvie were great travelers, and I’m looking forward to taking more driving trips in the future.