Ballet and tap – the cuteness pierces my heart

Sylvia has been taking ballet and tap classes at the YMCA since January, and she L.O.V.E. loves it.  It’s actually a little hard to believe that dance class is such a relatively new part of our lives.  My Sylvie girl just eats it up.

Parents get to come into the classroom to watch the last day of the session, so I was there again, cameras in hand.  Ready to capture the unbelievable cuteness of tiny kids in leotards.

It was a bit remarkable for me to see Sylvia in a class setting.  She was the kid who raises her hand ever few minutes to tell the teacher what’s on her mind.  And Ari was a very kind listener.10-25-11_ballet-and-tap_004

This one cracks me up…she wanted her foot touching Ari’s during the stretches.  This is a girl who adores her teachers.10-25-11_ballet-and-tap_007

Isn’t this the sweetest thing ever?  Here’s all the girls holding hands.10-25-11_ballet-and-tap_010

And <ack!> my sweet one gracefully moving.  I love the stretch of the fingers, the tilt of her head, the attention she’s paying to her movements.10-25-11_ballet-and-tap_017


Oh, they’re all so cute!  And I love Sylv in the background here, wrapped up in her pose.10-25-11_ballet-and-tap_022

During the free dance, she was skipping about.  Check out the tongue sticking out.10-25-11_ballet-and-tap_025

Attempting to skip across the room while alternating leading knees.  She’s thinking hard.10-25-11_ballet-and-tap_030

Ari’s technique for helping the girls learn how to jump high is to be a tree and they are trying to pick the fruit off her hand.  This is my favorite pic of the morning!10-25-11_ballet-and-tap_040


Wait, maybe these next two are my favorites.  My chest has this involuntary heave when I look at her pointed toe and her straight fingers.  Oh my, what a curtsey, Sylvie.10-25-11_ballet-and-tap_043



After ballet is tap class.  The energy and movements are so much bigger, and Sylv was so delightedly caught up in the excitement of it all.  An hour is a long time for a three year old to stay focused!10-25-11_ballet-and-tap_049

Think she’s enjoying herself?  She kept signaling for me to take her picture.  Love this picture of the girl on the right too!10-25-11_ballet-and-tap_057




10-25-11_ballet-and-tap_069Ahhh, I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did.  If you need a cuteness fix, just bookmark those pictures so you can come back to them.  They are sure to improve almost any day.

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