Breaking it down with Eli and Celia

One afternoon in late October, we had Eli and Celia over, and all the kids engaged in a little dance show.  The boys were caped wonders, dancing fiercely and courageously with ninja moves and powerful dances.


The girls seemed to prefer a more flowing dance style.  Yet they still had a lot of power in their sometimes cute, sometimes where-did-you-learn-how-to-move-like-that (!!) too-sultry-for-three-year-olds dance numbers.


Celia brandishes her cape with a flourish.


Then of course, there were the combined dances.  Fortunately, there were no collisions.

Here’s all the dancers after the final bow…10-18-11_untitled_052

Jessica, it’s so fun to watch these kiddos play and move and grow together over time.  Thank you for sharing your amazing kids with Andrew, Sylvia, and me!

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