Playing with Evelyn, Amalia, and Alex

My friend Heather’s little girl Evelyn was in Wisconsin with Heather’s parents (her first solo visit!), and we got to join them for a play date at the Dream Park.  Here’s Sylvie, Evie, and Celia on the tire swing together.10-18-11_untitled_006

There’s Evie on the swings.10-18-11_untitled_007

Three girls eating carrots on the playground bench.

We had a picnic, and the girls ate lots of pb&j sandwiches with grapes.  Then toes and fingers got cold, and it was time to pack it in!10-18-11_untitled_021

A few days later, Heather and Michael drove up to Madison from their new home in Indiana.  They brought with them two little munchkins whom I <aaarrrggghhh> haven’t yet met.  Here’s me holding darling Amalia.  I was relieved that she looked like her pictures.  It felt nice to recognize them.  Amalia is a bit of a clone of her sister appearance-wise.10-20-11_untitled_059

How lucky was I to have a baby fall asleep on me?10-20-11_untitled_060

Oh, the sleeping sweetness.10-20-11_untitled_062

And there’s Mr. Alex.  Such a charmer and so full of personality.  I love this little mister and all his sweet tiny fingers and toes!10-20-11_untitled_065

Here’s Amalia taking nap #2 of the morning in a sling.  10-20-11_untitled_069

The next day, I met up with Heather and her family to take photos with Heather’s grandma.  Such a treat it was to spend hours together!  Thanks, Heather and Michael, for making the trip north!  I’ll try to get down to Indiana to see you this winter.