Backyard football

One afternoon in September, I asked Jessica to watch my kids for a bit while I did some photography.  When I came to get them, I found Eli (in red) and Andrew (in yellow) engaged in a heart-felt game of football with Mitch.  This remains one of Andrew’s favorite play times of fall 2011.10-03-11_Klaboughs_001

It seemed that a huge part of the playing of football was the celebrating of runs.10-03-11_Klaboughs_002

There was helmet knocking, hugging, high-fiving, and extreme happiness.  Can you see Eli’s missing tooth (it didn’t get knocked out during football play).10-03-11_Klaboughs_005


Love the earnest looks on these boys’ faces.  10-03-11_Klaboughs_009

Watch out, boys, it looks like Mitch is coming through!10-03-11_Klaboughs_011

He’s broken through the defensive line!!10-03-11_Klaboughs_013

Did Mitch make it to the end zone?  Perhaps.  I’m pretty sure, though, the that helmeted players carried the day.10-03-11_Klaboughs_015

Ahh, and now some well-deserved nourishment – a made-from-scratch caprese sandwich.  I love this picture of these two friends sitting.  Together.  Both so dear to my heart.10-03-11_Klaboughs_018

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  1. What a glorious afternoon that was. The weather was nasty and seemed to be fighting us no matter which direction we ran, the ground was hard as rock, the fans were brutal and against us every step of the way…but the victory,the celebration…was sweet and spectacular.
    I hope we can do it again soon.

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