School this fall

Here’s Andrew, with his first grade teacher, Maestra Samaca.  He’s so happy about his classmates, and I’m just so thankful that school continues to feel to him like a huge treat that he gets to do five days a week.  He goes to school with a smile on his face and comes home with a happy glow.

09-20-11_RenFair_002I’m going to be volunteering in the classroom once a week during the class they have in English – Geology.  Andrew is so excited that I get to come to his school and he can introduce me to his friends.  They’ve been studying rocks in science class – looking at them with magnified glasses, getting the rocks wet and letting them dry, scratching the rocks and seeing what happens.  Andrew tells me almost every day that he loves being a geologist!

Here’s a video of Sylvia walking to school the first week.  She is loving her preschool class with Sue and Jodi – she goes in the mornings twice a week and stays for Lunch Bunch.  I can’t tell you how happy she is to finally be a big girl and get to go to school all by herself.

[flickr video=6152999242]

She’s also been going to daycare at Donna’s twice a week this past month, and then she has ballet and tap on our free day.  Given my heavy photography workload this fall, it’s been a great schedule, and Miss Sylv is just thriving on the many activities.