First sleepover

On Labor Day weekend, Andrew had his first sleep over.  He and Alivia had been talking about it for ages, and at last it seemed like the right time.

It was fun to have our Alivia girl over for supper.  Afterwards, we roasted marshmallows.


I love her look in this picture!09-02-11_sleepover_006

These kids have become expert pepper harvesters.  I planted six pepper seedlings this spring, and they’ve produced well.  Bryan’s made pepper jelly and hot pepper sauce, and the freezer is full of more to process!09-02-11_sleepover_009



I think they’ve only eaten one or two.  They’re not too hot, but I think they have fun daring each other to test the spiciness!09-02-11_sleepover_018

The next morning, I had to get a picture of these two buddies. 09-03-11_sleepover_023


I have no idea what they are doing in these photos.09-03-11_sleepover_024


So glad that we have friends like these just down the street.  Andrew and Alivia have know each other their whole lives.  Well, at least Andrew’s whole life.  He’s a year younger.09-03-11_sleepover_032Petitions have been put in for sleepover #2.  Since the first went so well, I think we’ll be happy to oblige, but I’ve indicated my preference for no more than one per month:)  They are counting the days until October.

Hard to believe that we have sleep-over aged kids!