First day of first grade

Andrew had his first day of first grade last Thursday.   He was excited:)


There’s something so neat about seeing your kid open and ready to tackle the next challenge.  Andrew just loves school, and he was excited to be in a classroom with his best buddy, Jayquan, and he was excited to be a first grader!


In the last few weeks, people often asked me if Andrew was excited about going back to school.  I had to give a qualified answer.  He was excited, but Andrew is (at this time) a kid who experiences life very much in the moment. He doesn’t tend to anticipate things too much (positively or negatively).  He said he was looking forward to school.  He smiled when we talked about it, but he never brought it up.

However, on the morning of – his excitement bloomed forth:)09-01-11_FirstDayofSchool_025

I don’t think I can tell how much I love this kid.  Except perhaps you can tell from these pictures a little bit of my adoration:)



For comparison, here’s a photo of Andrew’s first day of Kindergarten…

09-01_10_first day of KG_003

Here’s Andrew’s buddy, Alivia on her first day of second grade.


There’s our blondies…


Andrew’s teacher is Maestra Samaca.  Here she’s greeting her new classmates.


Here’s Andrew and his good friend Jayquan.


There was lots of hugging:)09-01-11_FirstDayofSchool_052Have a great year of first grade, Andrew!!

I like how they start school on Thursday.  That gives them two (short) days, a three day weekend, and then a four day week.  Seems like a nice, measured start to the year.  My boy’s looking forward to heading back to the classroom this morning!