My siblings

Michael and Lisa’s wedding weekend was great.  It was a wonderful wedding…and oh how I love weddings.  Family and friends gathered from near and far.  I loved it.


Thinking back, the part of the weekend that makes my heart feel the coziest (other than while I was sobbing at the wedding ceremony) was having me, Michael, Maretta, and Joe all together again.  We were all in the same place one day in June, and the last time before that was at Christmas time.  And there’s just something so special about all of us being together.

Maybe it’s a bit that there’s a part of mom in each of us, so when the four of us are together, She feels more present.  Maybe it’s because Mom herself…however she is right now…somehow celebrates when her four chicks are back where they can all be counted at once.  Maybe it’s just because I love my siblings so dang much that little in this world makes me happier than when we’re together.


In any case, I’m still feeling happy about the fact that we were all able to play together for a few days. I’ll long hold on to the memory of the four of us and Heather setting up the reception site.  We were singing along to Beatles songs while we laid down table clothes, decorated tables with pumpkins, and folded napkins.  What a joyful day!

I love that the purpose of us being together was to celebrate Michael and Lisa’s wedding.  What a wonderful new sister we have!


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  1. It was a perfect day and I feel very grateful for all of the help and people who were there with us to share it! Also, I love how the family photos on our deck turned out! Very nice!

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