Grandma Margot

We talk about my mom quite a bit in our home.  Andrew brings her up now and then; I talk about her when we make meals she loved, or read books she used to read me when I was little, or when we see things I think would make her smile.  It feels good to me to know that Andrew and Sylvia can grow up knowing her and loving her even though she isn’t here.

Mom reads to Andrew

Now and then, it feels particularly sad to me that she never got to meet Sylvia, and I think how much she would have delighted in the little boy whom Andrew has become.  I am so very glad that she got see so much of the little guy during his first two years.  She adored being his grandma.

When we were at the library last week, I picked up a book that I would buy for Mom if she were here today.  Since I can’t give it to her, I’ll share it with you.  It’s called In Grandma’s Arms, and it is written by Jayne Shelton.  Here’s an some excerpts:

In Grandma’s arms, in our Storybook Chair, we can do anything – we can go anywhere.

She shares all my dreams, wraps them up in a prayer – then she opens a book, and we’re suddenly there…
On a carpet of magic just made for a ride – with the wind in our faces, we swoop, loop, and glide.

Alas…I grow drowsy in our Storybook Chair.  As I slip into sleep, I know Grandma is there… with a kiss for my cheek and a wish on a star – in my grandma’s warm arms, love is not very far.
I can hear her sweet voice sing a soft lullaby – as I rock in her arms I can dream…
I can fly.

I read this book to Andrew and Sylvia and told them how much Grandma Margot loved to read to kids.

I have a memory of her buying me some clothes maybe ten years ago, and she said, “Alright, I’ll get this for you.  But you have to read lots of books to my grandbabies.”  Check that one, Mom.  Love you.

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  1. We read “Everywhere, babies” to Evelyn and tell her about how Margot read that to Allan. And we have pictures of her up all over the house (as you well know:).

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