You’re invited!

May 23 8:45 am update: It’s raining, so you may be wondering about the status of today’s party at Token Creek Park.  I’ve checked the weather, and it looks like there is a 40% chance of showers throughout the day.  We’ve reserved a shelter, so I’m giving the party a thumbs-up for going despite the less than picnic-y weather.  Hope to see you there!  11am-3pm.

I probably should have re-posted this earlier in the week, but for those of you who check my blog on Friday night or Saturday morning, this is an open invitation for you to join us at Token Creek Park Shelter #5 on Saturday, May 23 for a Carpe Diem party.  Bring the kids, bring some food, hang out on the playground or play frisbee.  We’ll be at the park from 11-3.

Seems like we missed some important people in our email invite, so if you’re reading this, please consider coming!!

Here’s directions and  a link to my earlier post.  Hoping for good weather and hoping to see you there!

Lovely flower!